Abstract e-poster certificates
We thank all presenters for their presentations during Euroanaesthesia 2021 whether physical or online.
Presentation certificates have been sent to all appointed presenters. Abstract presenters have the responsibility to share the certificate with the co-authors if needed.

Abstract Book
Abstract Book 2021 is now available and accessible here.

Abstract submission for Euroanaesthesia 2022
Euroanaesthesia 2021 came to a conclusion however we are already busy planning Euroanaesthesia 2022!
Abstract submission is from 22 December 2021 until 12 January 2022. Check Euroanaesthesia 2022 website for further information about the submission.
Please make sure to add abstracts@esaic.org to your white list to make sure that you receive all our next communications.
For any questions, please contact abstracts@esaic.org.


Best Abstract Prize Competition

Abstract Book 2021

Abstract FAQ

What if I missed the Abstract Submission Deadline?

This year exceptionally, a second opportunity to submit abstracts for presentation at Euroanaesthesia 2021 will be offered later in the year.
The Late Abstract Submission period is to open from 16 August to 15 September 2021.
Submission conditions and the process will be the same as for the first submission period.

How can I amend my abstract?

It is still possible to make corrections to an abstract prior to the submission deadline, even if it has already been submitted. The abstract can be saved, edited and revised online as many times as needed until the submission period ends.

After the submission period, corrections are no longer possible. If errors are discovered in the abstract after the deadline, you can either withdraw the abstract or – for minor errors – indicate the correction during a presentation at the congress. Please note, changes will not be included in the published version of the abstract. We, therefore, recommend carefully review your abstract before submitting it on the dedicated submission platform.

Can I change the presenter of an Abstract after the submission deadline?

The abstract submitter can log in to the abstract submission platform through his/her MyESAIC account and select, in the authors’ section, another presenter for the abstract. The new presenter must be selected among the authors of the abstract.

All mandatory information should be filled in as appropriate.

The new presenter must pre-register for the Congress by 13 October 2021.

If a change of presenter is requested after 13 October 2021, the new presenter will have to be registered for the congress before the change is possible. The original presenter is responsible for providing the new presenter with all information previously sent by ESAIC regarding the abstract.

What is the registration process of the Abstract presenter?

If the abstract is accepted, the work must be presented at Euroanaesthesia 2021.

Accepted Abstract Presenters must pre-register for the Congress before 13 October 2021! The Abstract registration fee remains applicable to all abstract presenters until this deadline.

If a presenter fails to register before 13 October:

  • The abstract(s) will not be published in the e-supplement of the European Journal of Anaesthesiology and will be rejected for presentation at Congress.
  • The abstract(s) will be withdrawn by the ESAIC and removed from all Euroanaesthesia-related publications.

View the Congress registration fees applicable to abstract presenters.

Important: the registration opening dates for virtual and onsite congress are different

  • Virtual Congress ONLY: from 19 May 2021
  • Virtual AND onsite congress: from 16 September 2021

What are the Abstract publication details?

All accepted abstracts will be published in their entirety as an e-supplement to the European Journal of Anaesthesiology (EJA). If prior consent is received, posters will also be made available online. Note that publication of the accepted abstract is dependent on pre-registration of the abstract presenter.

If accepted for presentation at the congress, the abstract will be published as entered into the abstract submission programme.

What is the Abstract presentation format?

Abstract presenters will have the opportunity to choose whether they would like to present their work virtually or physically during the e-poster submission period. In both cases, abstract presenters will be required to prepare a virtual presentation of their poster, in order to also make them available to the virtual congress participants.

In addition, a limited number of virtual posters will be selected for presentation in a series of online interactive sessions chaired by international experts. Presenters of selected posters will be invited to participate in these sessions (live attendance required) shortly after poster submission.

What if there are time conflicts when presenting several abstracts?

We usually avoid scheduling several abstract presentations by the same person at the same time. Unfortunately, considering the high number of abstracts presented at the Congress, time conflicts may still occur and presentations cannot be rescheduled. Should this happen, please consider the following options:

  • Ask a co-author attending the congress to present one of the abstracts for you.
  • Ask the chairpersons of the sessions in which your abstracts have been scheduled to be the first to present in one session and the last in the other. This way you can present both abstracts yourself.

I still have an unanswered question. Whom can I contact?

If you have any questions regarding your abstract submission, please contact ESAIC HQ via abstracts@esaic.org.

When contacting the ESAIC Head Quarters in relation to an abstract, please always mention the abstract reference (#xxxx) and title.

Best Abstract Prize Competition

The 8 best papers submitted to Euroanaesthesia 2021 have now been selected by the ESAIC Scientific Committee.

The 8 below-mentioned nominees will compete during the Best Abstract Prize Competition (BAPC), giving a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation followed by a 5-minute discussion of the abstract.

The Best Abstract Prize Competition is scheduled on
18 December 2021 at 14.00 – 16.00 CET

Cash prizes of € 3.000, € 2.000 and € 1.000 will be awarded to the best three abstracts presented at Euroanaesthesia. Winners will be announced at the end of the competition in Munich.

Best Abstract Prize Competition Finalists

BAPC-1 Total intravenous anaesthesia with remimazolam/remifentanil compared to propofol/remifentanil significantly reduces the incidence of critical hypotension in ASA III to IV patients – First results of a European phase III multicenter trial (CNS7056-022)

Joerg Fechner (Erlangen, Germany), L. Barvais, A. Morley, J. Motsch, D.R. Spahn, M. M.R.F. Struys, SURE-TIVA study group©

BAPC-2 Increased cerebral blood flow despite reduced oximetry during cardiopulmonary bypass suggests cerebral perfusion mismatches in patients developing postoperative delirium

Lara Braun (Bonn, Germany), M. Thudium, E. Kornilov, J. Menzenbach, M. Coburn, T.C. Hilbert

BAPC-3 Anaesthesiology and the patient´s perception

Joao Bezerra de Lima Novo (Porto, Portugal), D. Ribeiro, F. Oliveira, J. Barbosa, J. Mourão

BAPC-4 Myocardial infarction after non-cardiac surgery

Marc Thorsten Schmidt (Cleveland, United States), M.T. Schmidt, K. Ruetzler, Department of OUTCOMES RESEARCH

BAPC-5 Effects of sodium glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitor empagliflozin on endothelial dysfunction induced by oscillatory shear stress

Xiaoling Li (Amsterdam, Netherlands), X. Li, C.J. Zuurbier, M.W. Hollmann, J. Hermanides, B. Preckel, N.C. Weber

BAPC-6 Co-administration of dexmedetomidine in carotid endarterectomy (CEA) with intraoperative SSEP and MEP monitoring: A single-centre prospective randomised controlled trial

Christian Thomas Vetter (Bern, Switzerland), C.T. Vetter, E. Meyer, M. Huber, D. Bervini, V. Krejic

BAPC-7 Virtual reality and 3D printing in clinical anesthesia; 18 months experience in a large, single medical center

Ruth Shaylor (Tel Aviv, Israel), R. Shaylor, E. Golden, V. Verenkin, M. Koldi, M. Peer, B. Cohen

BAPC-8 Anaesthesia as a risk factor for cognitive decline: the effects of anaesthesia on long term cognitive functioning. A prospective cohort study

Christoph Pennings (Maastricht, Netherlands), C. Pennings, D. De Korte, M. Van Boxtel, W. Buhre, C. Vossen

Abstract Book 2021

The Euroanaesthesia 2021 Abstract book has been published as an e-supplement to the EJA.

Download the 2021 Abstract book below.

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